Áudio-livro: Eleven Lines to Somewhere

Áudio-livro Eleven Lines to Somewhere do Alyson Rudd

Informação do produto

Título:Eleven Lines to Somewhere
Áudio-livro:Eleven Lines to Somewhere Áudio-livro
Autor:Alyson Rudd
Formatos disponíveis:Áudio-livro
A data de lançamento:2020-07-23

O livro é sobre

When Ryan spots a young woman on the tube on his commute , he can’t take his eyes off her. Instantly attracted and intrigued , he’s keen to find out more about his mysterious fellow passenger. The woman he thinks of as Millie spends all day travelling the Underground , unable to leave for reasons unbeknownst to Ryan. For some inexplicable reason , he just can’t shake the feeling he wants to help her escape her endless commute. The First Time Lauren Pailing DiedExpectationSweet SorrowLife After LifeThis is a story of love and loss from the author of , perfect ... → Consulte Mais informação ...

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