Áudio-livro: Olive

Áudio-livro Olive do Emma Gannon

Informação do produto

Áudio-livro:Olive Áudio-livro
Autor:Emma Gannon
Formatos disponíveis:Áudio-livro
A data de lançamento:2020-07-23

O livro é sobre

Elizabeth GilbertSophie KinsellaMarian KeyesEmma Jane Unsworth‘Thoughtful , searching , funny , and (most importantly) honest’ ‘Brilliantly observed’ ‘Itll give a voice to countless women’ ‘Utterly distinctive’ OLIVEis many things. Independent. Adrift. Anxious. Loyal. Kind. She knows her own mind. And it’s ok that she’s still figuring it all out , navigating her world without a compass. But life comes with expectations , there are choices to be made and – sometimes – stereotypes to fulfil. So when her best friends’ lives branch away towards marriage and motherhood , leaving the path they’ve always followed together , she starts to question ... → Consulte Mais informação ...

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