Áudio-livro: The Devil's Bones

Áudio-livro The Devil's Bones do Jefferson Bass

Informação do produto

Título:The Devil's Bones
Áudio-livro:The Devil's Bones Áudio-livro
Autor:Jefferson Bass
A serie:Body Farm
Formatos disponíveis:Áudio-livro
A data de lançamento:2008-02-05

O livro é sobre

In two previous New York Times bestselling novels , Jefferson Bass enthralled readers with ripped-from-the-headlines forensic cases , memorable characters , and plots that rival Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). Drawing on research at the Body Farm—three acres of land in the backwoods of Tennessee , where bodies are left to the elements to illuminate human decomposition—Bass has moved fiction to a fascinating new realm , with forensics expertise drawn from his five decades of work as the worlds leading forensic anthropologist. But this latest novel cements Jefferson Bass as one of the finest writers of suspense working ... → Consulte Mais informação ...

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