Áudio-livro: The Lives of Edie Pritchard (Unabridged)

Áudio-livro The Lives of Edie Pritchard (Unabridged) do Larry Watson

Informação do produto

Título:The Lives of Edie Pritchard (Unabridged)
Áudio-livro:The Lives of Edie Pritchard (Unabridged) Áudio-livro
Autor:Larry Watson
Formatos disponíveis:Áudio-livro
A data de lançamento:2020-07-21

O livro é sobre

Edie - smart , self assured , beautiful - always worked hard. She worked as a teller at a bank , she worked to save her first marriage , and later , she worked to raise her daughter even as her second marriage came apart. Really , Edie just wanted a good life , but everywhere she turned , her looks defined her. Two brothers fought over her. Her second husband became unreasonably possessive and jealous. Her daughter resented her. And now , as a grandmother , Edie finds herself harassed by a younger man. Its been a lifetime of ... → Consulte Mais informação ...

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