Áudio-livro: The Story Of Babushka

Áudio-livro The Story Of Babushka do Catherine Flores

Informação do produto

Título:The Story Of Babushka
Áudio-livro:The Story Of Babushka Áudio-livro
Autor:Catherine Flores
Formatos disponíveis:Áudio-livro
A data de lançamento:2020-07-20

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Babushka wants to find out the meaning of life so she sends her bodies out of the forest and into the world to search for answers. But there is a hurdle to overcome before all of the bodies can reunite and return to the forest. WHAT IS A BABUSHKA? The Babushka doll , also known as a Matryoshka or Russian Nesting Doll , is a traditional Russian toy first made over 100 years ago. The doll has come to symbolize Russian folk culture , as well as the complex and beautiful layers of women. This is the story of one very special doll , with ... → Consulte Mais informação ...

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